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Your home deserves the utmost care and attention, especially when it comes to addressing common issues like cracks, holes, and damage in your drywall.

Dallas Drywall Portal Repair specializes in professional seamless drywall repairs, ensuring that your living spaces remain both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

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Drywall Portal brings years of experience for your home drywall repair services.

We offer dallas home owners and business experienced crew members with knowledge on extensive drywall, water damage repairs.

Contact us now to learn more and get a free drywall repair estimate 

Call the Drywall Portal,  when you need a small patch and repair job or a complete texture and installation of sheetrock, we have the expertise to handle it all. Our team of skilled professionals is also experienced in painting home interiors walls, ensuring a seamless finish that will transform your space.

Our Services

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Repair and Patching

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Free Consultation


Texture Application

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Painting Services

Transform your home with the help of Drywall Portal. Our team offers a complete range of drywall services to upgrade your walls and ceilings, from basic repairs to complete renovations. With our attention to detail and commitment to quality, your home will look better than ever.

Upgrade Your Home with Our Drywall Services


Revitalize and Renew Your house ceiling and walls with Drywall Portal team of experienced professionals. We have acquired the skills to seamlessly and affordably restore your walls to their original condition. With our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to provide top-notch service and leave your house looking better than ever. Say goodbye to ceiling and wall cracks and hello to a professional, eco-friendly drywall finish with our Dallas drywall repair services.

 Nail Pop and Scratch Touch Up Repairs

No need to stress about wall and ceiling damage any longer – our expert repair touch-ups are here to save the day. Whether it’s from nail pops or scratches, we’ll have your walls and ceilings looking impeccable in no time. Don’t settle for less – choose our damage repair services for the best results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Get Smooth and Flawless Walls with Drywall Portal

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Our Services

At Drywall Portal, we are committed to providing complete drywall repair services to our valued customers. Whether you need to fix a small hole or repair a damaged wall, our team of experts is here to help. With our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, we ensure that every project is completed to your satisfaction.

Popcorn Ceiling Repair

Say goodbye to unsightly popcorn ceilings with our professional popcorn ceiling texture repair services. Our skilled technicians will carefully remove the old texture and apply a fresh, smooth finish to give your ceilings a modern and updated look. Trust us to deliver exceptional results that will transform the appearance of your home or office.

Floating and Patching

Our floating and patching services are designed to fix any imperfections on your walls or ceilings. Whether it's uneven surfaces, cracks, or holes, our team will skillfully apply the necessary materials to create a seamless and smooth finish. You can rely on us to restore the beauty of your walls and make them look as good as new.

Painting Services

Enhance the look of your space with our professional painting services. From color consultations to flawless paint application, we take care of every detail to ensure a stunning and long-lasting finish. Our team uses high-quality paints and techniques to transform your walls into works of art. Trust us to bring your vision to life.

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Buy one get one free patching service


Ceiling Popcorn Repair

Our ceiling popcorn repair service provides high-quality patching and painting to make sure your ceiling looks brand new again. your ceiling is restored to its original condition quickly and efficiently.


Wall Cracks and Holes Fixed

Our patching and painting services can fix any cracks and holes in your walls. We use high-quality materials and our experienced team of professionals to ensure your walls look as good as new. Our services are quick and affordable, so you can get your walls looking perfect in no time.


All things Sheetrock

Our popcorn texture removal services provide a fast and efficient way to get rid of unsightly popcorn ceilings. Our experienced team of professionals can quickly and safely remove the texture, leaving you with a smooth and clean ceiling. With our reliable and affordable services, you can have a beautiful ceiling in no time.

Drywall Portal
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We called them and we had our drywall repaired by the next day

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Great service, awesome price!

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